Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor

Homestead Exemption

You may be eligible for homestead exemption if:

  • You own and reside at the property in question on the assessment date of December 31st of the taxable year.

  • You sign for the exemption in the manner prescribed by law.

  • The property in question is not owned by a corporation, partnership, etc.


You may be eligible for the over 65 freeze if:

  • You are already receiving the homestead exemption.

  • You are 65 years old or older of the application year.

  • You have an adjusted gross income during the 2019 year of $77,030.36 or less as reported on your federal tax return.  If husband and wife file separately, the combined income for both must be $77,030.36 or less.

  • You file a signed application with the Assessor in the Parish where the property is located


Please note, this freeze applies to your property's assessed value only not to the millage rate, which may change.


To apply for homestead exemption or the over 65 homestead freeze, or for complete details about these programs, come by the Lincoln Parish Assessor's Office between January 2nd and September 11th.