Equipment and Facilities

The Fire District operates out of an administration building located adjacent to the Central Fire Station in Vienna, Louisiana. Altogether, we have 21 fire stations located strategically throughout Lincoln Parish. These fire stations were carefully placed so that every residence in the parish would be located within 7 miles of one of these stations, and that helps to provide lower fire insurance premiums for our citizens. The current insurance rating for rural Lincoln Parish is a Class 4, which often results in a significant annual insurance savings for each home and business.


Each of our 21 fire stations is equipped with at least one fire engine. In addition, Station 1 in Vienna is equipped with a rescue unit and staffed with fire and rescue personnel. Except when these personnel are responding to other emergencies or performing regularly scheduled departmental duties during the day, they are available at this stations 24 hours a day to respond to fires and other emergencies. Having personnel located here often helps to decrease our response times when an emergency arises.


The Fire District currently operates the following equipment and fire apparatus:


20 Mack Engine/Service Trucks

4 Ferrara Intruder 2 Engines

1 Quality Freightliner Engine

3 Wildland Trucks

1 Wildland/Light Rescue Truck

1 Heavy Rescue Truck

2 Utility/Service Trucks

2 Command Vehicles


Each of the 1993 Mack Engine/Service Trucks carries approximately 2500 gallons of water and is capable of pumping at 1250 GPM. The 1998 Freightliner carries approximately 1000 gallons of water and is capable of pumping at 1500 GPM. The Ferrara Pumpers carry between 1000 and 1250 gallons of water each and are capable of pumping at 1500 GPM.