Our Training Facility

The Fire District and the City of Ruston Fire Department jointly own a 60-acre training center located north of Ruston. This facility is extremely beneficial in the training of new volunteers and the continued in-service training of existing members. Within this training facility there is a four story smoke tower that is used for both simulated and live fire training as well as for rope rescue and rappelling. There is also a "burn building", a building set up for search and rescue training and a maze, and a 1,600 square foot classroom building. Other training props at the training facility aid in training for motor vehicle extrication, trench rescue, roof access and ventilation, and oil/gas well fires. There is a 5-acre pond which is used for training in water drafting, and also provides water for the training facility's fire hydrants. A 1,350 GPM pump located adjacent to the pond feeds a 10-inch water main and several fire hydrants located throughout the training facility so that firefighters can have adequate water to train in hose handling live fire training exercises. Much of this facility was built by volunteers for volunteers.