Volunteers with the Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 begin their training as soon as they join the department. To be an active member, a volunteer must complete an approximately 30-hour basic training class, generally referred to as "Rookie School". But "Rookie School" alone does not sufficiently prepare one to be a firefighter - it's only an introduction to the basic firefighting skills and techniques. Individuals who complete our rookie school should expect to:

  • learn how to use an airpack and protective clothing

  • learn basic hose deployment and hose handling

  • learn basic search and rescue

  • learn basic techniques and principles of ventilation

  • learn how to deploy and set up various ladders

  • learn fire suppression techniques different fire types


But training does not stop here; it's a continuous process that occurs year round. Each month, members of the department are given the opportunity to attend at least four drills, almost all of which is devoted to continued training of our members. Drills are normally held on Thursday night each week and last for 3 hours each night. All members are encouraged to attend as many drills as they can each month, even though the number of annual drills that each member is required to attend is minimal. The more training each member of the department can receive, the more proficient he or she will become in the various aspects of fire suppression.